Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Famous people i wouldn't have met, if i hadn't met Sy- part2..with a twist.

So, during our few days away with Sy's mate Sid, we decide to have a little jaunt to the seaside. Brighton, to be exact.
Never been there before, and it was FAB. we went on the pier, listened to the most abysmal kareoke you can imagine, walked round 'The Laines' and i was given a potted history of the Brighton Pavillion.
Never knew it was such an interesting place.
Sid had booked us into a lovely Italian restaurant (food was brilliant) and we took our seats and ordered drinks.
The waiter serving us kept popping back to the table and asking us if all was ok, was the food alright, did we need anything else, etc.
Probably more visits to our table than he actually needed to.
Eventually, he stood at the side of the table and asked;
'Haven't i seen you on the telly?'
Now, as you know, Sid is quite famous.
He was in Star Trek Deep Space Nine for years, has been in Hannibal, Syriana, Spooks, will soon be in Waking the Dead, and will soon start filming Clash of the Titans (he's a i mean he's a god..well he is very yummy..wish i hadn't started this.)
Sy has his mouth full of something vegetarian and turns to look at the waiter as he says this.
Sid turns and smiles at the waiter.
And i watch to see what will happen next.
The waiter leans across the table..
'I have seen you on the telly, haven't i?' he enquires further.

To Sy.
Sid sits back in his chair, puts his hands behind his head and says to the waiter that he has probably seen Sy on telly discussing the merits of windfarms.
I sit there choking on me tagl.. tagilii...pasta.
The waiter, satisfied with this explanation walks away to his friends and we see them talking earnestly, heads bowed, about who the famous man on table 420 is.
The matter is settled.
'Wasn't expecting that mate', say's Sid.
Sy, still stuffing food in to his trap, replies.
'That's what i'm here for mate, that's what i'm here for.'

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

Monday, 13 April 2009

A list....

Things i have done this Bank holiday weekend.

1-Spring cleaned our bedroom, and moved all the furniture. (Sy actually fell out of the bed the first night of the changeround...that's another story.)
2- Spring cleaned the bathroom
3- Spring cleaned the sitting room (even The Writers' desk...and i haven't even lost one scrap of paper on it, although i did manage to lose a couple of pages from a Very Important Book.
They'll turn up eventually, i'm sure.)
4- Spring cleaned the kitchen, sorted out all the old crockery and installed a new, fully matching, inherited set.) Sy and DD can't find anything anymore. But that's their problem. I like the new set-up.
5- Have done three trips to the tip, but have recycled four big boxes of stuff and seven binbags.
6- Have baked two loaves of bread, made two bannoffi pies and three chocolate cakes.
7-Have ferried DD to and from her boyfriends house three times (an hour and half round journey, each time.)
8. I know i've forgotton something....ohh yes, done another blog!

The Writer has.
1- Mown the lawn.
And broken the mower.
So why the hell is he preening around the house looking for praise, when that's the only job he has done - and ballsed it up- and yet i'm just getting on with stuff?
It's a man thing, isn't it.

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

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