Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A question and answer session.

From time to time, i think about how Sy and i met.

It's funny how fate deals us a hand that we may not understand at the time, but i believe everything happens for a reason.

Meeting Sy has catapulted me into a world that i knew nothing about, and have had to learn about as best i can, as fast as i can. I previously wrote a blog entitled 'Things i have learned about my writer.'

That was a couple of months ago now, and it's time to add to it, although the thoughts are a bit random.

1; When Sy writes a script, It is not finished after one draft.

2; No matter how good his work is, he still has to have an editor on board, even though he also does critiques on other writers' work.

3; Publishers are a very picky bunch.

4; Agents, if you get the right one (or should that be write one) are fab. But be watchful that they are working with you. ( A tale to tell on another occasion.)

5; Waiting for the phone to ring, or an e-mail to come in about a particular project that Sy has high hopes for, is just as agonising for me, as it is him.

I have a couple of questions i still need answering- can anybody shed any light on the following please?

1; Why do writers continually look out of the window?

2; Where do they hide their pens? There are never any when they need one, even though you have put half a dozen on their desk an hour previously.

3; What are writers really thinking about when you are trying to talk to them about something?

And one final really random question, that has been bugging me for some time.

Why is the 'living' television channel full of programmes about the dead?

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. Me thinks you're being rhetorical here SW,

    I so desperately want to be seen as a writer someday, so my answers are those of a rook:
    1. I'm looking for something new; something that was not there before.
    2. I've switched to pencils, cause pens always seem to run out of ink when I pick one up (i never remember to throw those away either).
    3. If I told you, you would no longer wonder.

    You've been informative and helpful SW (without even being asked). In the short time I've been here, I've come to appreciate your insight. Thank you so very much.

  2. 1) Because there's a window there.

    2) We don't. Other people steal them.

    3) We're listening very carefully to what you're saying, while simultaneously working out the plot of our next masterpiece; in fact, what we're doing is an extremely clever, highly-evolved form of multi-tasking, in which everything you say is minutely scanned to see if it might be applied, somehow or other, to whatever it is we're working on.

    Finally, are you sure you're not thinking of the Parliament channel?

  3. underovr...thanks for your kind words.

    Scriptdoc...i will endeavour to get offending windows blocked up, we do not steal your pens, and frankly, i do not believe you when you say you are listening-otherwise i wouldn't have asked the question.
    Now go and do some work.

  4. Brilliant blog ! You are writing a grear episodic story here. By the way - that window thing? We don't look out of them - we look through them into those inner worlds in which we have other lives going on in our heads/other reality.

  5. Hello Julie!
    Welcome aboard-
    It's always useful to know why writers do the same thing-helps the other halfs understand it all better.

    SH x

  6. i'll answer too. if you don't mind..

    well. i'm not one hell of a writer, but i do hope to be one.

    1. i look outside the window, hoping to see scenarios different from i've already seen before..

    2. i'm always lost in my thoughts, when writing.. i always lost my pens and pencils.. :| as a matter of fact, i "type" better. :p

    3. this is something you have to ascertain yourself.

    Finally, i don't know the answer either. :p


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