Sunday, 1 February 2009

Burn's Night... but not as you know it

I know it was a week ago, but i had to wait for the pics.
Being of true Scottish heritage, i get a bit 'precious' about Burn's Night.

And i had every reason to be worried.
You will see the motley crew- well the men-folk anyway.

Braveheart has a lot to answer for.
Their attire left a lot to be desired, ranging from a Frenchman who wore trousers under his kilt, to my mate John, who looked more like Captain Sensible than a Scottish warrior.

The food was fabulous, (lovely haggis and neeps) i didn't drink any Scotch and Sy recited 'Tam O'Shanter, all twelve minutes of it, from memory.
Except for the the last four lines.
He fell over at that point.
Well, there was sooo much Scotch swilling around and you know what he's like....

Highlight of the evening was the Frenchman in his kilt and trousers reciting 'To A Mouse'.
I defy anyone to understand it, even when a Scot is telling the tale.
But this was truly something else.
If i'd recorded him, it would be number one hit on Youtube by now.
There's always next year, i suppose.

Till next time
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. Bugger! I completely MISSED Burns Night this year! And I so LOVE haggis.....vegetarian haggis......can I come to yours next year? That looked like fun!

  2. Who is that beautiful man in the middle of last picture? He looks for all the world like "McSteamy" on "Grey's Anatomy.":)

    If that is your Sy, then I apologize for drooling over him and am most envious.:)

  3. Just me...i don't know if i could face it again!
    Bow of Eros...isn't he just gorgeous? His name is Charlie, and to add to your naughty thoughts, he was a stripper, but at the grand age of 47, decided that all his interesting bits have headed southwards, so doesn't do it anymore. Shame.
    But, that is his arse you can see in the moonying photo...

  4. I was just about to ask who the bum belonged to! CLASSIC. Good work, Mistress Shakespeare xxx

  5. Why, thankyou Madame Rummy-
    I should, at some point, tell Charlie that i've posted his butt up for the world to see, i suppose.


  6. Well I must say he has a nice looking arse. Though when the picture loaded I had a mouth full of tea which I nearly choked on. Thank you for this post I needed a good laugh today.

  7. It looks like you were having lots of fun there

  8. Hey Danni- glad it made you smile.
    Sorry you choked though.

    Hello Caroline- yes.
    Lots of fun.
    Couldn't do it too often though!


  9. Evening, SH. How on earth did you find me?! Cx

  10. Well considering the subject that made me choke it is quite alright. Just wasn't expecting a bare bottom to pop up on my screen.

  11. Cassandra-
    I clicked on your name...and the new one came up.
    More luck than judgement me thinks!
    So glad you are out there somewhere.

  12. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog


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