Sunday, 22 March 2009

i've got the key of the door..

..never been 43 before.
Yes, the birthday has been and gone.
Thursday to be precise, but i was a bit traumatised and went a bit mad, so i wasn't allowed near any electrical equipment.
But back to normal now, and i have come to terms with what, after all, is only a number.
just a feckin' big one, that's all.
I did have a nice day though and had some lovely pressies.
Darling Daughter bought me a new mobile phone.
I oohed and aahed over it, turned it over in my hands, admired it and then promptly handed it back to her to set it all up.
I need it only to make calls from. Nothing else.
And i certainly cant be arsed to find out how to get it to make calls. I just need it to do the job.
Bless her- all went brilliantly, she got it up and running in no time and loaded all my numbers into it.
Minor problem being when i needed to phone her yesterday, i discovered she had not put her number into my phone.
i like to think it was forgetfulness on her part, but she's nearly 15 and probably wanted half an hour in which she knew damn well her mother wouldn't be able to get hold of her.
But hey, i've got it now. She won't make that mistake again.
Sy bought me some perfume.
I'd like to say i had no idea that he was getting me anything, but the day before he asked if he could have the car for half an hour as he had to go into town for something.
Now Sy only leaves his computer for two reasons.
1- he has a present to buy for me.
2- he needs the loo (i'm waiting for the day he asks me for a bedpan. He will. honest to god, he will).
But at least he remembered. With the help of the post-it note that i stuck to the computer screen two weeks ago.
This morning i met up with my lovely rabbity friend, Donna (have a look at her site, under my 'sites i like to peruse'), we had a smashing birthday- come- mothers day breakfast by the river.
Totally peaceful and idyllic.
No kids.
Best way to spend mothers day...well an hour of it anyway.
i have eaten so much crap that the stone i have lost in weight has probably gone straight back on, but tomorrow is another day. Actually, it's another year, in a way, and i'm back to the fruit and salad with a vengeance.
In theory.
The reality is so much harder.

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. Oh, to put it in Texas poetry, Cry me an effin river! Scandy's 43, too, and you're only as old as you feel...and behave!

  2. Happy Birthday! I have an older brother who is turning 50 this year. That makes me feel so much better because I will always be younger. It's a mind game, but it works for me.

  3. Happy Birthday SH! You're still younger than me - not by much but younger nonetheless! VLiF

  4. VERY belated Birthday greetings!
    I have just got a new phone myself, chosen by the Boy who also had to set it all up for me. I CANNOT make the flipping thing work, and keep sending multiple texts to people I do not intend to. Oooops! May go back to my old one.
    Hope it was NICE perfume??

  5. I was 43 once. 10 years on it sounds quite young to me. Happy Belated birthday

  6. A very Happy Belated Birthday to you, my dear. You're only as young as the man you feel and I LOVE your mobile phone f*ckwittage - I'm with you all the way there, Mister C does all that stuff. Cx

  7. I just read in your profile that you hoped to one day have the Writer's complete attention, because you hadn't had it yet. I completely understand that feeling. I've been married for 18 years and I'm still waiting. I'm starting to think that it's never going to happen!

  8. Ach sure yer just a wee babe.

  9. Thankyou, all of you lovely people for your good wishes.
    Thank god it's over for another year!


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