Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My honest scrap.

Ok, it looks like it my turn.

I've been tagged by Completely Alienne to tell you all ten honest and interesting things about myself.

Well, you did ask....

1;When i've lost enough weight, the first thing i will do is dance around my sitting room naked.

2; I'm so proud of the fact that Darling Daughter's first proper boyfriend is black.

3; On a film shoot once, an actress was contracted to bathe in a lake topless- she had a problem with it, when it came to shooting the scene, so i went topless to show her that i would do it (while holding the boom mic) even though i wasn't getting paid.

4; Sometimes...just sometimes...i wish i wasn't married.

5; I have another job, which is so different from being a Housekeeper, i haven't found the right time to blog about it yet.

6; If i couldn't listen to music, at some point every day, i think i would go mad.

7; I drink far too much coffee- at least seven cups a day.

I blame The Writer for that.

8; Faith-wise, i'm a Pagan, with a leaning towards Witchcraft.

9; I sing nearly all the time.

Whether i can sing, is an entirely different matter.

10; I have learned more about life and education since i have been with Sy than i ever did at


And i don't think i'm far off having as many books as him...

Well, there you have it.

I'm passing this on to;




Red Rum-

Can't wait to read all of yours...

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. I always like reading other peoples' suggestions, they seem more interesting than my own. I particularly liked No 1 - do you think the Writer would notice?

  2. OH MY GOD!!!! Have just seen this. SHITTEROONI, as the Tweenies don't but SHOULD say. Jesus H!!! Oh well, will have a stab at it tomorrow. Thanks A LOT, MITE!!! (To be said in Australian accent, natch) RRxxx

  3. Good morning SH .... YES I will do this tag.

    I did laugh when I read your list....sort of got an image of you as a coffee swilling naked witch reading books and singing continually! ;-).

    Number 2 answer.... LOL can easily relate to that having 2 adult daughters of my own. None of their selected men live up to my high expectations!!! But I guess that is a mummy thing!

    Have a great day SH.

    Intrigued to know what your other job is????

  4. Thought its about ime I said hello and how much Im senjoying the blog. Hope you and Sy are well.
    We must meet up. Ted

  5. Hello everyone!
    Well, you've already done your HS before i even get round to publishing your comments...i'm a bit crap at this.

    Completely Alienne- no, he won't notice.
    Far too much going on in his head!

    Rummy- you are soooo welcome!

    Cinnamon- you're not far off, you know!
    The other job...quite unusual.
    I will blog about it, but i'm not sure when.

    Ted! How ya doin'? you're right- we must meet up again soon...won't be for a month or so though..too many bills to pay at the moment, so no spare cash for an afternoon in the Duck.
    More's the pity.
    I'll e-mail you as soon as.

    SH xxxxxx

  6. What interesting facts.:)
    I plan on dancing naked in my living room as well when I reach my goal weight. I won't even close the blinds. Haha!

    I'm with you on the music. I'd choose it over television any day!


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