Tuesday, 3 March 2009

My 'Aint Life Grand' award.

Well- I've been nominated by Abruptly Calico to state five reasons why life is grand for me.

After racking my brains and counting my blessings, here they are;

1; I've got work.

So many people haven't, and i've still got more than i can cope with. But that's good.

2; My Darling Daughter hasn't gone off the rails. Yet. I might need to do this again in a years time and see if answer is different.

3; I've got bloody brilliant neighbours. When you live in a tiny community like i do, and are more or less with these people every day, it really matters that i can go to any of them at any time for anything.

4; I'm so chuffed that The Writer actually prefers me without make-up- which is grand because if i wore it, then after the days work that i do, it would have slid off my face.

5; It's Spring!!! No more getting up in the dark and staggering around the bedroom trying to find my knickers, and worrying whether i will wake up The Writer after he has only been in bed for an hour.

There they are then.

And in true tradition, i now nominate;

Cassandra at Jacobwrestling.

Charmaine at Middle-Aged Dating.

Kat at Random Ramblings and Recipes.

Completely Alienne at ....err..Completely Alienne.

Cinnamon at Hull is Never Dull.

Go Girls!!!

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. Well that's my next post but one sorted - I have promised to do the chocolate cheesecake recipe next so it will give me time to think about it!

  2. well done with your award. I'm sorry I have been around. Been a bit busy with the writing.

  3. Thanks love! Will have a bash, I actually really enjoyed that last one you sent me. Mr C thinks that I don't wear much make-up - actually I wear rather a lot of the natural look. Tee hee! Long may he be fooled. Cx

  4. Lol....liked this blog alot :-), thanks for nominating me.

    I was reminded of Spring today with the birds singing, but the hailstorm yesterday reminded me that we are still in the bitter chills of winter!

    Have a great day and I shall endeavour to post in the next couple of days "whats so great about me life"! ;-)

  5. CA-This cheesecake sounds amazing!
    I'll lose another stone and have a go at making it.
    Caroline...thankyou-Glad to hear you're writing. I learnt a long time ago never to ask how it's going.
    Cassandra- like i said, keep that brain ticking..and do keep buying lovely things- i share your passion spiritually!
    Sue-i know you have some 'grand' things to tell us- that beautiful boy has to be one of them.

  6. Oh dude, you did NOT just do that to me.

    But as my little sister says, You're my big sis, I HAVE to do what you say."

    I know that I'm older then you. I know you're not my sister.

    I was just making a pointless point cuz, I like to. hee hee


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