Monday, 12 April 2010

Is anybody still with me...????

......'Cos, bugger me back'uds, i don't post for six months and find i've gained half a dozen followers.
How the bloody hell does that work then?
So- a couple of things.
1- Sorry. I should have done loads of posts in the last few months, but circumstances and lack of enthusiasm had conveened to make sure that i was not going to write a thing. Apart from on Facebook, but, hey...
2- Please don't send anymore messages or bribes with regard to who the writer was at the Screenwriters Festival offering me a job. I won't tell, 'cos if i did, i would have to kill you all.
And let's face it, i'd never find you all in the real world.

Now that's all out of the way, onto bigger and better things-
Did you all have a nice Christmas?

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. Welcome back! I haven't blogged in about a year. I just lost interest. I felt I had nothing interesting to say anymore. I might start again soon. Look forward to reading your posts...

  2. Stranger things have happened.

    When did you change the format of your blog page?

  3. Seems you are luckier than I. I don't blog for over 6 months and return to find all of my followers gone. Guess that's the way it goes, at least in my world. :)


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