Tuesday, 4 November 2008

sing for your supper...

Darling Daughter has gone off to beat the hell out of several full grown men (aka Kick boxing), and Sy has gone off to band practice.

A couple of hours to do as i please.

I do like it when Sy has band practice.
Several reasons.

1; It means he gets some fresh air (even if it's only the walk to the car.)
2; He gets to interact with some other blokes, real men. (Not that Sy isn't what i'd class as real man- i mean they are real blokes, as opposed to the imaginary ones that are wandering around his brain when he's writing. I'm not sure i'm explaining this very well...)
3;I get to watch what i want on the telly.

Sy is the singer in the band. And he can sing really well.
Drama school training, i'm sure.
The band has done gigs in school halls, clubs, pubs, marquees and even in a sitting room one new years eve.
I try to support him, and go to all the gigs.
Mainly in the capacity of 'holder of the voice products.'
No room in the handbag for the usual stuff- everything is tipped out onto the kitchen table and replaced with throat spray, honey, cough sweets, lyric sheets and a small tambourine (i ask you..)
The band has quite a big following and a gig can last anything up to four hours (depending on where and who the audience are.)
I can remember when i was a young'un, going to see bands and falling in love with the singer- such stage presence-i think every teenage girl was the same.

These days, i can go to a gig, watch the singer belt his heart out, and know he's singing to me.

And i can say, without fear of being labelled a slapper, at the end of every gig...

I get to sleep with the singer.

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

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  1. your husband must be an ultra mega focused writer (basing on your first reason) haha!

    your posts were cool and humorous. don't you consider writing career as well? :D


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