Monday, 12 January 2009

A day to myself....

Yesterday, i thought i would have a day to myself.

Darling Daughter was going off to do something with mates, and Sy is in the middle of a very busy period with 'Arthur'.

He hasn't had time to even pass the time of day with me (to busy with Authonomy...and those bloody forums!)

So, i thought i would take myself off to Stratford and browse the charity shops.

I cooked the two of them a huge breakfast, made sure they didn't need anything and got myself together.

'Where are you off to Sprouty?'

It's the first time in nearly a week that Sy has asked me anything, so it threw me a bit.

I glanced at him shiftily- i knew what was coming if i told him where i was going.

'Just out'.

'Where out?'

More than one question- this was serious.

'......Stratford', i mumbled.

I can't remember the last time i saw him move so fast.

'Two minutes and i'll be with you.'

Bugger, bugger and arse.

In the car, he say's 'where abouts in Stratford?'

'You didn't think to ask that before we set off?'

'Well, i'm sure it's somewhere lovely..'

Time passes.

'Can we call in at the Tip shop? There might be some new books there.'

Dutifully, i drive down to the hospice tip shop and park up.

Sy is out the car like a bullet and heads down to the book section at the back.

Sighing, i grab a handful of carrier bags from the boot of the car- he never, ever buys just one book.

Half an hour later, we drive into Stratford town centre, with seven new additions (note additions, not editions- we've not been that lucky yet) safely ensconced in the boot.

I'm already £6.50 down.

Right, serious shopping- look for the charity shops.

'Sprouty, you've never seen Shakespeare's grave, have you?'

Not today, please....


He grabs my arm and propels me at an astonishing speed in the direction of Holy Trinity church.

'We will go now- then you can say that you have been there. After all, how can you listen to me talk about his death and where he is buried, if you've never been to the grave?'

He's got a point.

And i can't believe that i've lived here all my life and never visited the grave.

But they say, people who live by the sea, and all that...

I've seen it.

It's small.

He has his family either side of him.

It's right in front of the alter.

And i had so many questions, that poor Sy hardly knew what had hit him.

I bought him a little bust of Shakespeare to put on his desk- for inspiration purposes.

Another £4.00.

Ok- charity shops!!

We mosy back up into town.

Sy see's another little church.

'We'll just pop in here's never been open when i've come before.'

We have to leave money for the restoration of the stained glass windows....another £3.00.

Twenty minutes later, i'm making a beeline for the heart foundation shop.

Yay! We're in!.

But i don't see anything i like, so that's that.

Unlike Sy, who has found another two books....£4.00.

'Never mind Sprouty- lets go and see little bruv in his Gallery..we might get a cuppa.'

As i mentioned in a previous post, Sy's brother has an Art Gallery in Stratford- so along we went, the shop was open, and we awaited coffee.

No such luck- they bring it in from Costas, and had just done a 'run'.

More bugger and more arse.

So we stood in the Gallery, Sy yapping to his Brother about Politics and other stuff that people should be banned from talking about on a Sunday, all the while, it was getting later and later.

'Best go and find some more shops for you then!' he crys gleefully at about 4.00pm.

Bloody great.

Everything shuts at about 4.

We head back to the carpark, i pay £2.50 to get out of the carpark, (the barrier was shut on this one, not like the feckin hospital...) and we head home.

'Lovely day out, Sprouty. Thanks everso.'

Sy plants a kiss on my cheek as he gets out of the car.

I follow him into the house, where he is already back in another world, checking the ansaphone and starting up the computer.

I can't help but wonder how i let my day out become his?
Not just how- why????

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. What bad luck! Next time leave a plate of sandwiches in the kitchen in case he remembers something as mundane as food and then sneak out without letting him see you!

  2. You need some YOU time sweetie! Next time sneak out without telling him! On the other hand, sounds like it was quite a nice day really, in the end!

  3. This, dear lady, is why you are married and I am not.

    Your husband sounds like my Uncle John. Every moment with him is "educational" and revolves around books. He will likely read Sy's book.

    Now to matters at hand...where is my interview? hmmm?

  4. Thankyou ladies!
    I really should have learned by now...i've been doing this for long enough...note to self-do not, i repeat, do not ever tell Sy where i am going.
    In fact, try and sneak out when he's been doing a night-write.

    the questions are ready...i hope to conduct an interview in the next couple of days.
    As long as conditions are right, ie; whisky in situ, re-writes and revisions up to date and hopefully a powercut, so the computer is off, and i can talk by candlelight-

    SH xxxx

  5. Tell him you are going to the supermarket and could really use a hand with the carrier bags. You won't get him out of the house with wild horses then!

  6. Give the man a sip of whiskey...then ask your questions.

    Tell him you are merely attempting to expand his audience.

    Some of us are actually interested and tipping over at the end of our chairs...waiting...

    (Now this is between you and I...are you intimidated by your husband?

    That is the kind of question a woman who never had a husband would ask...but I'm glued to my seat..

  7. SH, you are so bloody NICE!!! The guy doesn't know he's born. But that's wrong, of course he does! Those bohos are bloody clever aren't they? They are all charming and then they get looked after!!! Am soooooo with you on charity shops. ADORE them, was brought up by my Mum on them, we call doing a charity shop session "trawling". Yesterday I found the most BEAUTIFUL oak pot in the local Shelter shop - for £1.99!!! Hand turned, you can see the grain, signed and dated by the artist - 1987. I mean, an object of beauty that's over twenty years old for that price?! Amazing. Will cherish it forever.
    LOVED the way he was out with you in a shop. Am going to get my Mum to check out your blog, she will love it too. RR xxx

  8. Thanks ladies!

    Vicki- he's pretty good on the bag front long as he knows there is beer or cheese in the bags, he'll happily carry that one sussed!

    Charmaine- don;t fall off that chair and hurt yourself girlie- i'm going to interview him tonite!

    Red Rum-
    Your faith in humanity is astounding.
    I'm quite an evil bitch, actually.
    I'll fight when cornered, i'm vicious to anyone who hurts me or anyone that is precious to me, and i'll happily rant at shop staff who i feel i'm getting crap service from.
    Must be because i'm a mum...
    I'm going to have to read back through my posts and have a think.
    If i'm coming across too nice, i'll have to do something about it!
    PS- got you on the blog roll now...thanks for that.
    SH xx

  9. LOL at your post, shopping with the other half never goes as expected. I have precious Fridays to myself but invairably end up doing something with my husband.

    Charity shopping is great fun, you and I have similar tastes, sounds like Stratford is full of interesting bargain grabbing shops!

    Have a great day whatever you are doing :-)

  10. wow! sorry to be so behind on commenting on this post. i spent 10 days in stratford and environs back in sept/oct and would have loved to know where the bookshops and thrift stores were. perhaps when i go back this coming sept./oct. i'll remember to email you and ask where they are! i'm putting a note in my calendar right now!

  11. Hello bronxbee!
    I'll happily send some thoughts through for when your back over this way...That's what's so fab about Stratford- there's more than just the theatre!


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