Sunday, 28 August 2011

King Arthur...

Hello to One and All!
The more astute of you will notice there's been a year and a month between blogs-but i live in hope that if you look quickly at the dates, the lost year will fade into the background..
So, what have you all been up to? I've got loads of reading and catching up to do.
My world you ask?
Let me list, in no particular order,

I'm doing an Open University course in Social Policy and Criminology (ongoing)- mainly to keep up with the rest of the brains that seem to be bursting from the others in the immediate family (see below)- but also because i can't keep up with any meaningful conversation/discussion that happens round the dinner table at home.

Trying to get Darling Daughter sorted for Uni next year She's wanting to be doing Forensic Psychology ( must google :)))) Forms, forms, grants, forms, more grants, student loans. Ye Gods.

Hysterectomy. Less said about that the better. But i'm fine.

Holiday with my sister and The Writer stayed at home. He'd never have coped.

And speaking of The Writer-
King Arthur is almost ready for publication!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems like it's been 'nearly ready' for aaagggeesss. But give it a couple of weeks and we're ready to go.
No thanks to the agent though. Haven't heard from him in months. So self publication is the way forward, particularly as it's so easy through the Web.
I'll put up the blog for it soon and there'll be a Facebook page shortly. I'm trying Twitter, but what's that all about?
The main thing though, is to stop calling 'King Arthur', 'King'. Because he wasn't one. As i've mentioned before.
There's loads more to speak of, but a years worth of stuff needs a lot of thinking about so more very soon.

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