Wednesday, 31 August 2011


We've been moving along with the whole 'Let's Promote Arthur Through Social Media' thing- There's now a Facebook page, should any of you luverly peeps wish to have a little peep, and 'like', if you are inclined to do so-!/pages/The-Real-King-Arthur/211609635563213

As Sy's burrowed further and further into the writing of 'Arthur', i've obviously seen a lot less of him. Not a bad thing on the whole, as when he has raised his head, he hasn't been able to construct a single sentence, let alone a full blown conversation.
But this morning, having arisen at 7.10 am, i waft into the kitchen for my first caffeine kick to find him there.
Two things immediately spring to mind-
1. He's making me a cooked breakfast- ( she deserves it, she's my wife, she supports me, blah, blah...)
2. He's not making me a cooked breakfast because we have no bacon and he's veggie.

'What are cooking?'
'Veggie burritos, Sprouty.'
'I'm sorry- i thought you said burritos- it's just turned 7 in the morning.'
'Yes, but it's my supper time- i'm off to bed shortly.'
I laugh. Sort of.
'You'll be telling me you'll be drinking that bottle of cider next.'
'Actually i am.'
And with that, before 7.15 am, The Writer opens a bottle of cider, and drinks.

And to think i was worried about the amount of coffee he drinks..

Speak soon,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

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  1. What have you been up to wee lass? I've been in a coma for over a, that's a lie.


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