Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Follow you, follow me...

i see my darling hubby is following my blogs.
This is nice to know- he's taking an interest in what i'm doing.

This also means that i won't have to leave post-it notes stuck to his computer screen when i want to tell him something.
How convenient is this!

So Sy- this is for you...

Drinks at Emmas tomorrow night,.
The christening is two weeks away- make sure you try your suit on this week please.
Don't forget you are at the Gallery a week on Sunday.
Let me know what to get the twins for their birthday.

Bugger the post-it notes- i think this might be far more effective.

Shakespeare's Housekeeper (aka Sprouty) xx


  1. Hello SH - found your blog through, errr... Wife in the North I think. My husband reads my blog too but now he wants editorial control. As if! Shall enjoy reading more of your blog. VLiF

  2. Make sure you check his suit well in advance. When he put his old one on for the twin's christening he found that moths had eaten away the whole of the crotch.
    Hmmm - maybe looking at your earlier posts that might have something to do with his work on The Bill!
    Keep it up - this blog is keeping me greatly amused.


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