Sunday, 14 September 2008

Radio or Radiohead...?

I've had a brilliant morning.

I have, in this order;

Cleaned and hoovered the sitting room.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Hosed down my kitchen (hosed is the appropriate word, believe me).

Washed, dried and ironed three loads of washing.

Sorted out all the weeks recycling, for the bin men tomorrow.

Visited that great monstrosity that is Tescos and bought stuff for baking.
And some sausages.

Baked an apple crumble (with scrumped apples- if they come looking for me, then the evidence is nearly all gone. It wasn't very big. Honest).

Sent four replies to e-mails that friends have sent, asking me and Sy to dinner, three of them asking if it could be 'shared' dinner, and could we bring pud? (must have heard about the crumble...)

All this before 11.00am.

And, while on my marathon job session, i have listened to some fab music.

For cleaning and hoovering- Aerosmith( just try doing anything slowly while listening to 'Dude looks like a lady')

For ironing-The feeling

For baking- ELO (Mr Blue Sky...Miiister blooooo skyyyy..yyyy)

And if i'm computering...well, most stuff really. Anything. Sky's the limit.

Until Sy appears.

Because if Sy's writing, then he really needs 'his music'.

Now, remember, i like most stuff.

But there is a time and place for certain types of music.

And today, he is turning a Radiohead cd over and over in his hands.

If there is one thing that is totally going to ruin my day, it's Radiohead.

I really, really can't cope with their music.

Might as well go and choose a form of death right now.

Not much traffic today, so no point running screaming into the road.

Broke the only rope we have when we towed a friends car out of a ditch a few weeks ago, so hanging is out.

And Darling Daughter had the last of the Paracetamol for a raging headache last night (Probably induced by the loudness of her music).

So, two options left.

1; I leave the house now- and don't come back until this particular piece of writing is finished. (not great.. it might take days, and they are bound to notice i'm missing at some point).

2; I try to talk Sy into listening to something else.

'I need to get this chapter finished Sprouty, so i'm going to listen to some Radiohead'.

At least he has the decency to warn me.

'Okaaay...which listening device are you going to put it on?'

'Cd player in the kitchen.'

My domain. Grrr.

'Can you listen through your computer?'

'No, to close to my ears. I need it as background music.'

'So, if it's background music, can't you listen to something else? If it's that far away surely you won't really hear whatever music it is.'

He muses over this for a moment.
Am i winning this one?

'Well, it's either Radiohead or the Native American chant music.'

No, i'm not.

One more try.

' David Bowie? We both like Bowie...'

Deaf ears.

His mind is made up.

And the writer has to write, so that's that.

I've packed an overnight bag, just in case this chapter takes more than a day.

And i am now wondering what electrical equpment i have with long enough cables to reach into the bathroom.

At least i have a choice. Of sorts.

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

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  1. I like Radio and love Radiohead. Old Aerosmith and idolize David Bowie.

    If you can write, clean and keep a straight face while music pumps in the foreground, you're well on your way!

    Kewl blog.


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