Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The one to watch...

What's on the television is always a talking point in this house-

As i'm sure it is in most homes.

'Can we watch X-Factor?'

'No, we're watching Strictly..'

Or something like that.

In this house, certain programmes can evoke an array of emotions, outbursts and comments.

Sy has to watch, without fail-

Channel 4 news.
BBC news.
BBC 24 hr news channel ( i know he watches this, because the telly always comes on to this channel whenever i switch it on- day or night).

I am seriously starting to think about looking for the news equivalent to AA..

In addition the news channels, he likes to watch;

Old and obscure movies that start at 1.00am.
Anything in black and white.
Have I Got News For You. (Maybe that should be classed under the news channels?)

I like to watch;
Desperate Housewives.
Anything that makes me laugh.

Not that i get to see what i like very often...they always seem to clash with the news.

Darling Daughter likes to watch;
A good drama (suprisingly) as long as it has plenty of murders, blood and swearing (an age thing, i feel.)
The music channels. Any of the four hundred odd that are out there- she's not fussy.

Thank God she has a telly in her bedroom.

If there is a Soap on (which is an extremely rare occurance), and it really doesn't seem to matter which one, a comment of some sort always comes from Sy.

' I went to drama school with him...'

'She had a boob job just before she joined the cast...'

'He was giving her one while they were filming that episode...'

'I had a rather interesting sexual encounter with her once...'


Sy smiles at me.

'I''l tell you about it one day.'

I really, really, don't want to know. At all. No details, thankyou very much.

One thing we did get to watch together a couple of weeks ago was the episode of 'Call the Cops' on BBC4 about the nineties police drama 'Between the Lines', and an episode of the drama afterwards.

Sy won a Writers Guild award for his work on 'Between the Lines' and it was cracking to watch, and see how the programme was put together.
The lead actors talked about how they were given scenarios to act out- shop lifter, cat burgler-and were interviewed in these roles by police to help them get 'inside their heads.'

I asked Sy if he had had to do anything like that.

' Not for Between the Lines... i did when i wrote for The Bill, though.'

Wow, thinks i.



Drink driving?

'What was it then..?'

Another little smile...

'A flasher'.

I didn't dare ask him if he rehearsed for it.

Till next time,

Shakespeare's Housekeeper. xx

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