Tuesday, 9 September 2008

We are not a muse....

I've looked at a lot of Sy's scripts, treatments and proposals over the years, and his characters are always beautifully developed. His female characters in particular- he seems to be able to get inside a womans head and give her all the right things to say with incredible clarity and emotion.

I'm flicking through a treatment one day for a proposed television drama. It's Sy's baby, and the characters are predominantly female.
As i turn the pages, i recognise the attributes of one of the characters in particular.
And as i read further, i definately know who she is.

And it bloody well isn't me.

It's one of his exes.

So, i carry on reading, sure that somewhere in there, is me- lovely me, who sings to my man, cooks, cleans and runs baths for him, as well as getting the bed warm for him at night.

There's bugger all.
Absolutely nothing .
No. Sign.Of. Me. Anywhere.

I talk to Sy about this, in a proper grown-up fashion- arms folded, bottom lip drooping and a little girl voice.

' I thought that i might inspire a character...'
' You will, Sprouty, just not at the moment.'
'But i thought the woman in the writers life is the inspiration for all his female characters'.

Lots of laughter.

'You've been reading too much Dante'

I go into the kitchen and Google 'Dante.' Like i said before- Educating Rita (or Sprouty.)

I start washing up and Sy creeps up behind me.

'You are my muse, you know'.
'How can i be, when i don't see me in any of your work?'
' You are my work- don't you see? I couldn't do any of it if it wasn't for you.'

And i think i know what he means.

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx

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