Monday, 22 September 2008

Reader, i married him.

...Well, i did actually. Six years ago last Friday to be precise.
But it was such a feckin' awful day last Friday, that it has taken me till now to be able to write about it.

I think i'd better do this in two parts.

Part one- The wedding day. (Which was very nice.)

Sy and i got married on the Isle of Iona, off the West coast of Scotland.
Absolutely stunning place- three miles long. a mile wide with a few houses, an Abbey and a chapel.
I'm glad it was as stunning as i had been led to believe, because i had never even heard of the place, let alone seen it, until three days before we got married.
The best way (and possibly the only way, unless you have a helicopter,) to get to Iona is by ferry.
Two of them in fact.
On reflection, i truly can't believe that i booked my wedding into a chapel that i had never seen, on an island i had never been to.

We also had to be married by our own parish vicar, so he came up to the island with us.
Best vicar in the world- covered in tatooes, smoked cigars and wore a leather jacket.
I'm not sure how many people can say they had their vicar at the stag and hen party.
But we did.
And could he drink.
I think he went on to work for Wiltshire police.

Not only that, but when i booked our B and B, i asked the people who owned it to be our witnesses.
It didn't cross my mind that they might have said no.
But they were smashing (we still visit them now) and Joyce, the lovely owner, picked me heather and wild flowers on the island for my bouquet.
We asked a passing tourist to take photos for us, and i can't remember whether we five or six people at the service itself, because tourists kept wandering in and out of the chapel.

I'm not entirely sure our marriage is legal- i read somewhere that you have to get married before 6.00pm. Something to do with the hours of daylight, and making sure you are able to see the person you are marrying.
Our wedding was about 6.00pm, but it was so laid back, i'm not entirely sure what time we actually got into the chapel. We were too busy drinking whisky in the nunnery on the way there to look at the time too closely.

After the service, more pics were taken on the beaches. Totally white sand. Totally gorgeous weather.Total bliss .

The reception consisted of dinner in the only pub on the island, lots of whisky drinking, some loud singing and then a slow moonlit walk back to the B and B about 3.00am.
Sy in his kilt and me in my wedding frock.
And as we sat outside the B and B, in our wedding attire, watching the sun come up, Sy told me where 'King' Arthur was buried.
And i remember thinking Cornwall isn't going to like this one bit.

Part two- The wedding Anniversary.

Well, the car blew up.
So, no car, so couldn't go out.
And Sy told me he has 'designed' my anniversary card on the computer.
But seeing as we have no ink at the moment, i'm just going to have to wait for it.
I'm damned if i'm going to look at it on the computer.

I have had better days.
And much better wedding anniversaries.

Till next time,
Shakespeare's Housekeeper xx


  1. The wedding sounds lovely, the anniversary par for the course! We got married quietly in a lovely old house in Surrey, just my parents as witnesses. Then I send out 'We just got married cards' to all our friends. Unfortunately I put the wrong date on them so to this day I can't remember which one is actually our anniversary. Don't think the CH has ever bought a card, or even remembered it. C'est la vie! VLiF

  2. You should tell your husband to do what I do, go out and buy a really nice anniversary card, but not write in it.

    My wife has had the same one for the last 3 years now.

  3. SH - I've got a little something for you over on my blog. VLiF


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